Running 2 different windows in the Reviewer with 2 different decks

Is there a way to open 2 different decks at the same time in Anki?

What do you mean by “open”? To study? In the browser?

Like in the Reviewer, having two 2 decks open at the same time, or 1 deck open in 1 window and the menu in another window.

No. You can only actually study 1 card at a time, so you only need 1 study window to do it in. And the Decks page (is that what you mean by menu?) exists only in the same window – but you can view your decks in the Browse window separately.

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This reminded me of something else: Studying two decks at the same time. It’s useful because I switch between decks and miss cards that were in learning and maybe should’ve been reviewed 10 minutes earlier. Now I can put everything under a single deck but it would look terrible. (It’s just me going off in a tangent; ignore :slight_smile: )

As for your case, do you want to compare cards from different decks or switch between them for some reason? Not an ideal solution but you can use two different devices.

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No. I wanted implement the strategy that cards that are way too difficult or have been lapsed too often would be be copied into another deck with harder and tougher presets (one size may not fit all type of logic). However copying into the same deck would not allow me to turn these new cards into learning ones immediately since there is a large queue of cards beforehand.

So in order to review these copy cards I decided to make an entirely new deck for them, but the switching between the original and the copy deck takes a lot of time, since I have a lot of cards. So I figured that having two different decks open at the same time might help.

While it is not native to Anki, is there perhaps an addon? The multiple windows addon works only for browser and adding cards windows

You don’t need a 2nd study window to Change Deck – do that in the Browse window. Entering Browse while you have a card in the study window will take you directly to that card (as long as you aren’t impeding that) – right-click, Change Deck.

I don’t literally mean moving the cards to a different deck. I want the card and its copy to stay in their own 2 different decks, so that I can rate them in the reviewer on 2 different windows as if I were to open Anki 2 times at the same time, maintaining that the first card remains open.

The closest thing I found to this is the multiple windows addon but there is no option for having two windows running the reviewer on 2 different instances at the same time.

But actually duplicating a card is a terrible idea. You’ll double your workload. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, you should find a better way.

Believe me, this is me after having tried out a lot of methods in the past 2 years of me studying. My collection is plagued with cards that are so difficult, you think you got it after 5 min, 1 hour, 5 hours even yet you wake up the next day unable to recall. After completely shifting all my cards into cloze cards, each representing a single “unit” of information making them as brief as possible, trying out mnemonics, imagery, reformulating, I think my next idea is to just to copy the cards for the exact same reason you mentioned - doubling the workload.

Maybe these cards do require double the workload in order for them to be retained than a normal card would. Adjusting learning step would do more damage than good (I have tried it), because it is not a one size fit all thing.

I have begun to really resent myself because of this. I don’t know what is the cause of this. Perhaps because I am learning in a language foreign to mine(?), even though I do understand everything I read.

Do more 5 or more vigorous learning steps for ALL Cards and I am loosing too much time.

Do 3 or less learning steps and I am doing too little for these said cards to remain inside my head the next day and afterwards.

My current learning steps sit at (1s 5m 55m). Practically 2 learnings steps, since I have put the 1s step there as a boolean.

I don’t think I haven’t much left to do other than go ahead with this. For that a method to have to deck reviewer windows opened for 2 decks at the same time would be helpful.

What’s wrong with not remembering the card the next day? Such a card will increase the difficulty and you will see it more often. By focusing on what is difficult for you to learn, you spend more time on less knowledge, you need to be careful here.

I forget said cards every. single. day.

Difficulty is through the roof. Intervals are always at 1d.

I am currently targeting cards that have a lapse : review ratio of 0.05 (1 lapse per 20 reviews)

I still don’t get how seeing a duplicate of the card in another window helps you at all. But it’s probably not possible to achieve, so I’m going to stop trying to understand that.

If you’ve decided you want to double-study those cards, then when you finish your study session for the day, pull the cards from today (rated:1) that you struggled with (your criteria may vary) into a Filtered deck and study them again. Solutions that already exist natively in Anki will be more reliable for you in the long run anyway.

I still don’t get how seeing a duplicate of the card in another window helps you at all.

Convenient with no extra steps in between, for the same reasons that the multiple window add-on is good.

rated:1 is not a helpful search query in my case, since not all of my cards that I rated again are difficult. I need to handpick the cards myself according to the LR ratio and put their copies into that deck.

I guess the only way achieving this is only through an add-on, if I wanted to do this the way I would like it to be. Right now, I am manually shifting from the current deck of the cards to the other deck with the card copies. The extra steps in shifting takes time, but I guess I have no other choice.


Oh yeah, that’s right :sweat_smile:. But point still applies: I review typically 3000-5000 cards a day, littered with 400-500 difficult cards.

Would not be so practical to get through all the reviews again just to get to those 400-500 difficult cards again at the end of the day.

cards answered Again (1) over the last 1 day

You filter the maps in the browser in this way, sort and sort them by complexity or lapses. Then decide for yourself what you want to do with them.

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I already know that. What I meant here was rated:1:1

rated:1 is not a helpful search query in my case, since not all of my cards that I rated again are difficult. I need to handpick the cards myself according to the LR ratio and put their copies into that deck.

There is a “Difficulty” for this

Hmm you are right. That is indeed an idea. I was kind of operating on the basis of lapse to review ratio (there is an add-on for this now which calculates this). I find it easier to comprehend, since difficulty is not a real value.