Run check database after Update v3 scheduler

Continuing the discussion from V3 Scheduler popup:

This should avoid the issues mentioned above, as Anki has stopped supporting v2

I think this won’t help. the users in the linked post also said the problem came back. Probably has something to due with AnkiDroid or add-ons (add-ons can toggle the V2 scheduler)

It seems like Check Database is a necessary step to apply v3 scheduler into the collection (the popup disappears). The problem is coming back due to ankidroid still supporting V2, which may be fixed in 2.1.7, they will be using the same backend that removed V2

Don’t think it is add-ons because those that uses v2 scheduler should be broken in 23.10+

Removal of the v1/v2 schedulers
Code that imports from anki.sched will break, as the old schedulers have been removed. Typically you don’t need to do this unless you’re monkey patching the scheduler, which won’t work with v3. If you just need to call some scheduler method, you can do that via
Porting tips for Anki 23.10

Add-ons can toggle the V2 scheduler without depending on its removed code. The Anki Palace Butler add-on for example used to do that.

Would be rare, but it’s a valid point

Another option would be adding an entry in “learn more” for users to check database after updating to v3, although I don’t like the idea of relying on docs for this bug fix

This problem is mostly an annoyance, but shouldn’t be a problem later on as users changes from v2 → v3 completely on AnkiDroid

I believe the linked issue is caused by an AnkiDroid bug, that ends up overwriting the scheduler change with its own settings when syncing. I don’t think Check Database will solve the problem, unless it happens to find problems. A simpler way to work around the issue is to force a download to AnkiDroid after making the change.