Run Anki in background without window?

I am a Windows 11 Anki user and am wondering if there is a way to run it as a background task without having a window open. For some context, I use it for mining Japanese words and I need to keep it open to be able to do this. However, it would be nice if it wasn’t actually a window while it was open, because then it wouldn’t get in the way of my alt+tabbing, hence my question.
I’m fully aware that this is a pretty pointless request, but if any tech wizards out there have some kind of solution then I’m all ears.

Thanks in advance!

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I’m not a Windows user, this is just my uncertain guess until a better answer is given. Workspaces / “multiple desktops” might help prevent alt-tabbing into Anki.

Below is a screencap of Windows 11 instructions from Multiple desktops in Windows - Microsoft Support



You can use Minimize to tray - AnkiWeb this addon


Hey, thanks for the tip! It does indeed work like I wanted, so I guess problem solved!

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