Reviews not showing before learning cards?

I used these settings so that I would see the review cards first but I still keep getting the learning cards?

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That option only affects interday (1+ day interval) learning cards. Shorter learning steps are time sensitive, and take priority.

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So there’s no way I can change the settings so I can see my review cards before those cards with the shorter learning steps?

If you want to review the review card first and then review the study card, I recommend an additional component, which is [review first].

Also, I want to know where this page comes from. Is it a new version? I hope to know it.

The Display Order section appears if you have the V3 scheduler enabled.

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So, please take a look at this. Has this been implemented in the new version,Can you tell me?

[Function Request]In learning new cards, more cards can be run at the same time to produce the effect closer to the upper limit.

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