Review number different between mobile and mac

Hi, I’ve read the other posts on this topic and tried a few things but with no results. In the end of the day I have completed my reviews, but the next morning I have different review counts on mobile and mac (e.g. 525 on mobile and 550 on mac).

I’ve tried:

  • enabling new timezone handling on mac
  • forcing sync from one device (fixes temporarily)
  • going to anki web and doing a card, then syncing from both devices (anki web seems to match the phone and not my mac)

I’m running 2.1.35 and the most updated app version. I have no add ons that modify my card count (except rememorize which I occasionally use to shift cards ahead by a day, but rarely)

Please try updating to the latest Anki version on your computer, force a full sync to get things back into sync, and then see if your experiment in the third dot point still reproduces the problem.

Hi dae, I’ve been holding off on updating to the newest version due to a few specific add ons that are no longer compatible. This issue seems to pop up when I do new cards, and when I check “is:due” in the browser on mobile, the count actually matches my mac - so a force sync from mac usually fixes the issue. But now I’m noticing a new problem - I’ve filed a report below: