Review in batches

I tried to find answer to this but couldn’t, so:

I have used anki for a few years but I always run into problem with number of reviews in one session. Having a hundred kanji to review in a single batch is very dreadful, and frankly much more difficult than reviewing 20 cards in 5 batches. This is actually very common in some other similar services, that in turn lack many of the good features in Anki.

At one point I just ended up dividing the deck to many parts, not optimal…

So is there a way or addon that would allow me to review in batches while keeping reviews/day at maximum?


Pomodoro add-on might be useful. :


To add to what Guillem said, you can use timebox time limit in preferences. It’ll show a dialog after the time you set has passed and lets you know how many reviews you have done.
But these are time oriented ways of dividing reviews. From what you said, i think you want it to let you know after you did a specific amount of reviews? If that’s what you want you need an add-on. Should be pretty simple to write tbh. (Haven’t seen an add-on that does that tho)

Not quite what I was looking for, but I will Pomodoro technique in my studies.

Yes, what I would like to do is to go through set number of reviews before it shows next set of cards.

Similar to how you can do a custom study and add set number of new cards.