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Hello Dae. I’ve been using Anki for past 1 year and it’s absolutely amazing. Thank you for making this app.
I have a National Exam coming in August. I use Anki primarily for biology and chemistry but my exam has other 12 subjects. So, I have to manage my time carefully and doing Anki daily takes about ~1.5 hrs a day. Is it possible to “pause the review” for a certain amount of time ?
Or any suggestions on how to manage Anki during exam period ?
(Note: my average review ≈150 cards and I have ≈4000 cards, exam duration almost 1 month)
Thank you for your patience to read my query.:smile:

One possibility to manage this would be to limit the maximum reviews per day in the options for your biology / chemistry deck. As you said, you need about 1.5 hrs to study 150 cards, so you could set your review limit to 100, 50, 10 or 0 cards, depending on how much time you want to allocate for studying that deck.

After your exams are finished, you can reset the review limit to its previous value.

How to change the options of a deck is described in the documentation.


In addition to this, you may wish to change your review order in the v3 scheduler to ‘relative overdueness’, so that cards that have been waiting longer relative to their interval are shown first.

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