Review Heatmap: interpretation of indicators

I would like to leverage the stats and indicators provided by this Add-On (“Review Heatmap” ) so I have the following questions:

  • Days learned (in %): how is this percentage being calculated?

  • Longest Streak (in number of days): what is the meaning of “Streak” in this context and how is it calculated?

  • Current Streak (in # of days): how is this indicator being calculated?

  • Statistic indicator (Shift + Stats): How is “True retention” calculated?

Thank you.

“How is this calculated” is your main question for these, and it looks like the answer to that is in review-heatmap/src/review_heatmap/ at main · glutanimate/review-heatmap · GitHub from lines 172 - 254.

What’s your coding background? More details on how you’re looking to interact with this would be helpful. Fortunately, Glutanimate wrote out really nice variable names so everything is pretty easy to follow even if you don’t have much coding experience

Thank you very much nkia but I was looking for a simple answer to each of my 4 questions without having to spend time analysing/understanding the code;
Thank you.

Days learned is the percent of days that had a learning or re-learning card shown.

Streaks are defined as a continuous pattern of review activity spanning several days. Neither the type of activity nor the intensity are factored in. As long as you review some cards on a day, that day will be counted towards your streak. If you miss a day of reviews, you have broken the streak.

I’m not sure what true retention is. I don’t see it in Anki. Maybe its from another plugin?

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