Review Controls (Show Answer, etc.) Lose Timing With Cards

When I review cards, the controls become out of sync with the cards. This leads to some weird results. The answer to a card will be absent after clicking show answer, then it will flash when I click 10 min (or another command) before the next card pops up. I have also seen another problem that is ever more difficult to describe, but it results in the current card freezing (basically). I can usually remedy these problems by using ctrl-z to go to the previous card. However, I am a medical student. I am going through hundreds of cards a day. It is getting very annoying.

I am using a brand new HP Spectre. I have tried deleting Anki, clearing the card data, reinstalling it, and numerous re-starts. I also tried clicking Check Database. Nothing has worked. Help is appreciated

have you tried temporarily disabling add-ons [1] and doing your reviews with no add-on enabled?

[1] hold shift down while starting anki

I just tried that, and the problem still persists. I should note that sometimes I get through several cards until the problem occurs.

Try changing the hardware acceleration setting in the preferences. See for more info.


I think turning the hardware acceleration off may have solved the issue. I just stressed tested Anki by going through some review cards very quickly, and it worked well. IO cards are a little slow, but that’s a minor inconvenience. Hopefully, this will be the long term solution. Thanks guys.

You might want to try the ‘angle’ driver to see if it gives better performance without the bugs.

That’s above my paygrade. I guess that’s why I had to come to the forum. I’m not that knowledgeable about computers.