Anki glitching(?) and skipping cards


My anki has been glitching it cards (all profiles and all decks). when in use it would just straight up skip a card, the card would show up on screen for a split second. not sure if im explaining it right but it annoying and i don’t know what going because this has never happen before to me.

things i have tried to fix it:

reinstalling anki
switching video driver
restarting my computer
slowing down on how fast i clicked

Thank you in advance for advice.

Try launching Anki while holding down the Shift key.

That will disable all addons.


i have done this and anki is still skipping cards and also now shows the answers right away when going to next card


Did that happen when addons were enabled ?

In your OP, you said:

Did that happen when addons were disabled ?


it happens when the addons are disabled too


There must have been a recent time when everything was OK.

Then the following day, everything went wrong.

Don’t you know what might have caused that?

Have you updated Anki recently ? What is your current version ?

Have you tried: Tools>Check Database ?

I am still new to Anki, so I couldn’t speculate on why Anki would do something like this. However, based on my computer experience in general, I’d say this doesn’t sound like an Anki problem. It sounds like you might have a faulty (or just stuck) key or mouse button.

I’d suggest trying some of the following to try to identify if that’s the issue:

  • Start by thinking about how often you are seeing this behavior in Anki. Is it almost every word? Approximately once every 10 words? Keep this in mind as you are testing. You will need to repeat your test enough times so that the error is very likely to occur.
  • Go to any program where you can easily identify the difference between a single click or more than one click. Something where you’ll be able to get a count of your clicks would be ideal. Anything where you can adjust a number up or down by clicking on the arrows is good. Some clicker games would work. Try to emulate the way you’d click in Anki, both in frequency of clicks and how much you move your mouse around. Try this in Anki, as well. There are a few places in the options where you can adjust a number up and down with arrows.
  • Go to any program (a word processor or even just notepad) where you can input text. Try typing normally. Do you get what you typed? Or are there extra characters, spaces, or returns? Then try typing by going through all of the keys on your keyboard a few times. Then try clicking and/or typing the way you do when using Anki. Does anything unexpected show up? Try it in Anki as well (pretend you’re adding a new card).
  • In Anki (you could download a premade deck you don’t care about to avoid messing up the scheduling of your cards) use a different input method to go through the cards. You mention clicking your mouse, so try using keyboard inputs instead. You can just repeatedly hit “enter” or “space” which Anki will interpret as “show answer” alternated with “good”, or you can use the number pad 1,2,3,4 and enter which Anki will interpret as again, hard, good, easy, and show answer. Remember to keep up a typical cadence even though you don’t care about these cards.
  • Use a different mouse and keyboard, if you have any available, and see if you get the same behavior. Make sure your current mouse & keyboard are completely unplugged or disabled while you do this test. For example, I can plug a full sized mouse and keyboard into my laptop, but that does not disable the build in ones, so then I wouldn’t know for sure which device any extra clicks or keystrokes are coming from.

Going through all these steps should help you identify where the issue is coming from. Once you know that, it becomes easier to find the solution.


my Anki version is 2.1.49
Recently I switch my hard drives on my computer and had to redownload everything.

I tried using check database. still got issues.
Due to a suggestion by lilgirlblue, i tried just using just my keyboard not my mouse and everything is fine. Went through my different profiles and decks and nothing happen. i guess my mouse broke or doesn’t like anki.

Thank you for helping me!


Thank you for your suggestions!

I tried using just my keyboard and everything is fine and works properly. I guess i just need new mouse or something.

Thank you for your help!