Anki has been glitchy

I am having issues with Anki being glitchy. It is delaying the time between cards after I hit next, showing a blank screen here and there, a Matrix digital code pops up in intervals. Not sure if it is my tree or not. I consolidated some of my decks. Any tips or insight if I am the only one experiencing the glitch?

Thanks in advance

Could you please provide details about your setup?

Like how my decks are arranged?

Like Anki version, operating system, if (new) addons are used :wink:

Windows 11, no new addon, and the newest Anki. I believe it is my tree because I recently started this deck pattern.

Does anyone recognize why this Matrix-like screen keeps happening? Also, my cards are delayed and occasionally overlap the previous card when I hit the space bar.

I made a separate profile because I believe my deck tree is causing Anki to be glitchy. My new profile now had glitches as well.

Do your deck tree transfer to other profiles? I used 1 deck from the other profile that was new and the glitches still happen.

What should I do? Could I try reinstalling Anki and re-uploading my decks with better organization?

Please do not create multiple separate posts about the same topic.

Your issue may be fixed by changing your video driver. Display Issues - Anki Manual

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Sorry about that Damien. I’m in the midst of my last semester and panicked. Your solution worked like a charm. I’m back in full swing. Thank you

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