Incorrect card progression and Weird things happening since server was down

Good day. After the server went down yesterday, Anki has been acting weirdly. It seems a little sluggish, the main screen with all the decks flashes randomly, and the most annoying thing of all is that is messes up when I am reviewing cards. Sometimes after reviewing Card#1 (side A and B), the next card will show Card#1 Side A, but then if I progress, it will show Card#2 Side B. This happens every ~10 cards or so. Any idea what’s happening?

I tried Emptying cards, checking media/clearing unused media, and checking database. Nothing seems to work.

I considered installing a different version of Anki to see if that helped, but figured I’d ask here first.
I am on Windows 10 with Anki Qt6 currently.

Any thoughts?

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Server issues are quite unlikely to be related to the issue you’re reporting. It sounds like a video driver issue, and if a restart of your computer doesn’t help, please try Display Issues - Anki Manual

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Thank you for your reply!

I did some fiddling around with the graphics drivers. I uninstalled/restarted/reinstalled them as admin, executed the “echo software > %APPDATA%\Anki2\gldriver6” from the link you provided (which made it worse), then switched back to “auto”. I also uninstalled/restarted/reinstalled Anki Qt6 as admin.

Not sure which one of these fixed it, but it’s working normally now. Thanks for the tip!

PS: Anki hasn’t been starting in maximized mode for a bit, any hints on how to have it startup in maximized mode?

If I recall correctly, the maximized size should be saved when you close the program, unless you have Anki running in full screen mode. Maybe you could try close Anki while the window is smaller, then try maximizing again.

Sorry, I’d forgotten the window state saving was a bug. Should be fixed in the latest beta: Anki 2.1.66 Beta

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