Review ahead does not work properly with "0" days

Sometimes I don’t want to study any new cards, just review the ones I’ve already learned. I do this on AnkiDroid by doing a custom review ahead with days = 0.

I tried to do the same on the desktop version of Anki, but cards due the following day were added to the custom deck even when I set days=0. In other words, the decks from days=1 and days=0 were identical.

I’m aware that there’s another way to do this (Study by card state -> Due cards only), but it would be nice to have the behavior with days=0 to make sense and be consistent with AnkiDroid.

The review ahead spinner doesn’t let you choose ‘0’ because you can better accomplish it by extending the daily limits instead.

Oh, I wasn’t aware of the spinner limitation (I never really use it).

I think some confusion could be avoided by either notifying the user that 0 isn’t a valid typed input or just allowing users to review ahead 0 days.

Users can accomplish the same thing as days=0 other ways, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t also be able to do it this way. It’d make the custom study a little more intuitive to me, at least.

Just one man’s opinion, feel free to take it or leave it.

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