Review a large deck in shorter time

Hi guys,
I would like to review a large deck of cards (1500 cards) in a shorter time. Can you please give me some advice on how to modify the review and/or new card options window.
Thank you guys for helping me out.


there’s this add-on that would probably help you to go faster through your cards Speed Focus Mode.
what i would recommend is to check the recommended settings of the the anking on this video because in order to make sure you’re learning the right way, the learning phase should be at least a period in which you’re gonna learn the cards very well so when the cards go to the review phase you’re gonna be sure that you had enough time to learn it, and you can start affecting the ease of the card ( in the learning phase the ease is not affected) if you are not familiar with those terms i would highly recommend watching the anking videos on anki algorithme and ease hell.
understanding how anki works is a must so please put some time into learning it



Thank you for this advice. You’ve given me some homework for today. I’ll download the add-on and watch the video to make the changes. I’ll get back to you if I run into a glitch.


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the add-on is a little bit advanced starts with the videos, and as you’re using anki and getting used to it you can try the add-on but the videos are so important
good-luck if you need anything i’m here

Hi Abdel. So I watched your Anki video (anking). I also read about the algorithm Anki uses.
so by changing my “Steps” to 25 1440, I will be able to get through 1500 cards pretty fast.
My primary goal is to review my cards prior to my test date in 1 month.


before everything you should set a retention goal you want achieve if you want to really memorise the cards those settings are pretty good, you can set your new card number to 150 per day so in 10 days you get through all the deck , and then review your cards constantly, later when you’re 4 days berfore the exam you can use custom filtered decks for cramming there is a link to learn how to use this function, wish you best of luck bro

Hey Abdel,

Thank you for your guidance & the new video…this is what I was looking for.
I’ll let you know how it goes.


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you’re the most welcome, break a leg man!!