"Reversed cards" -> Time gaps during query

Hello people,

I am looking for an option to get a time gap, when I am queried with reversed cards.
At the moment, the computer asks me the front of a card and immidiately afterwards the back wich is not that effective, because at the second time I always know the answere of course, when I’ve been just ask for the other site including the other one.

Hopefully the question is understandable
Thank you very much in advance

Best greetings

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Hi, the function you are looking for is called burying in Anki and can be enabled in the deck options.



I recommend the add-on “Delay Siblings” (Delay siblings - AnkiWeb) which reschedules related cards in the review phase.

privyet Dmitri,

sorry this was not what you were looking for. Another option might be the add-on push paradox (sibling cardistry) which should work for new as well as review cards.

vsevo dobrovo