Reverse cards disappeared and I cannot make any one

I had a deck with basic and reverse cards, that is, card 1 and card 2. Now the reverse cards are gone. When you try to add a basic (and reversed) only a basic one is created. The same happens with the android version. Why does it happen? How to return or add reverse cards now?

  1. Open the card template and see if Card 2 still exists:

  1. If it does not exist anymore, you can add it back by clicking on the ‘options’ button and then Add Card Type.
    Then you need to manually configure the Front and Back template (you will probably just need to swap the position of the {{Front}} and {{Back}} fields)

If this does not fix it and/or you need further help, please post a screenshot of your card templates and one of the fields


Thank you! I added it back as you recommended.

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