Retrieve all the words I've created in Anki Deck

Dear All,

Anki once has informed me to activate the account otherwise it will be deactivated. I have activated it before the deadline but I found that all the words I’ve created in the deck have disappeared. May I ask how can I retrieve all the words I’ve created in Anki Deck before? Thanks a lot.

Have you used Anki for desktop? If so, please have a look into backups: Backups - Anki Manual

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I just use Anki Web. Couldn’t find the “open file” on Anki Web .

Sorry, once your account expires, data can only be recovered if you have it stored on one of your local devices. You appear to have let your account lapse last year and then visited AnkiWeb afterwards, which triggered another warning 5 months later.

What do you mean by " triggered another warning 5 months later"?

Any access to your account after it expired will mark it active again, and if then left alone it will eventually expire once more, even if you never put any data back in it.

How can I get back the words/data I put into Anki before now?

Sorry, if you do not have the data stored on one of your local devices, it is not possible to recover.

But how can we store all the flashcards on our local devices? Anki has a special format for flashcards.

If you don’t have the data stored in Anki on one of your devices and did not export a backup, you will not be able to recover it.

When you use Anki for desktop, it takes care of managing your database and creates local backups as well. You can also export your data from the desktop version.

Could I contact the staff of Anki and ask them to search back my previous data stored in Anki?

It’s because I can’t afford the loss of the whole bunch of data which I bent over backwards to accumulate day in and day out.

Please… I really can’t lose all the data. They were all the effort I put in relentlessly previously…

Please see AnkiWeb account removal - Frequently Asked Questions. I’m afraid if the data is no longer on any of your devices, it is impossible to recover it.

Hi, I checked and found that I have stored the data in my device, but after I turned on the Anki, it keeps syncing for more than 1.5hrs. Please see the attached photo. How can I import the data from the device to Ankiweb then ?


Attach the clearer photo here again

What Anki version are you running? It looks dated.

If you hold down the shift key while starting Anki, it will stop the automatic sync, and you will be able to file>export your data.

The problem now is I couldn’t quit Anki (because it keeps syncing) and restart it again.