Restoring number of reviews to previous back-up?

I missed 4 days of Anki. I did not use the “postpone” add-on for each day, so now today I am left with 806 reviews. I thought that I could just restore using a back-up to the day before I took this little break.
However, when I do that, it just adds the number of reviews I had that day, plus the 806 I have today.
Is there any way to restore the number of review cards I had 4 days ago?


Set the date on the device to 4 days ago. This is a joke.
ANKI does not allow you to cheat.

Use the tips on the link. It would be nice to add this to the FAQ.

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That backup wouldn’t have different due dates than the due dates you have in your collection right now, so it wouldn’t change when the cards are/were due. Cards are scheduled to be due on “June 2” – not “3 days from now” or “3 days ago.” [The only thing you’d accomplish by restoring a backup would be to lose you any edits/updates/reviews you have done in the meantime.] Also, you’d still have to study all 800, so messing with clocks and backups doesn’t really help you.

Before jumping straight to the quick-fix-add-ons – I’d encourage you to read the rest of that thread, including my post that discusses why you should not use most of them – they will make things worse overall.

A better next step is just start studying again. Right now, you’ve only done a little bit of “damage” and only to the backlog cards. You can shift them out of the way so that you can get your due studying done on time, and work those 800 back in gradually. Here’s how I suggest doing that –

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I think it’s a good post and a good start – but before adding it to the FAQ, I think it might be important to have a fuller discussion about what best practices Anki wants to endorse.

On top of that, linking to specific add-ons is problematic, because it means the FAQ would need to be maintained and updated regularly as add-on compatibility comes and goes. Not to mention starting jealousy wars between devs about whose add-ons are being featured. So many headaches! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Now I see what it looks like. I didn’t mean the link post. The backlog issue is a frequent question that deserves to be in the FAQ. What should be there can be discussed.