Adressing Backlog

Here’s what I do with a backlog – similar to what’s described in the manual. It allows you to push forward with your current studying while folding the backlog in at whatever pace you want.

  1. Set your daily New cards to 0
  2. Make a “Catch-up” Filtered Deck to siphon off the overdue cards – like is:due prop:due<=-1 (if you have subjects you want to keep separate, do this for each of those decks/subdecks).
  3. A regular study-day would be –
    • Study all of the due Review cards in your main deck, including graduating all Learn cards to Review.
    • Then study X cards from the Catch-up deck – grading them honestly, and knowing that you’re likely to have more lapses than usual.
    • When you’re done for the day, rebuild the Catch-up deck to kick any short interval cards back to your main deck for tomorrow.
  4. Repeat.
  5. [As soon as you clear the backlog for a deck/subdeck, turn on a reasonable number of daily New cards for that deck.]