Restored Card Type to Default, lost data

Hello! I am an Anking user (medical student card deck with a variety of fields) and earlier today I was editing a card that only let you toggled 1 thing at a time and I “restored card type to default” thinking I was only going to effect that particular card type. I was trying to get rid of the toggling 1 thing at a time so when I clicked, all the clozes would appear. But, I created a much bigger problem for myself.

The big problem is that apparently I restored every single cloze card (not just the close cards with multiple toggles…which is what I was editing under) to default and deleted the extra fields associated with the cards. This is vital because those extra fields contained extra photos of medical information essential for learning the card.

I unfortunately did not export a backup of my deck before making this change, since I had no idea this would change every card like this. Anyone have any tips for restoring the previous version of my cards?

Thank you!

A now very stressed med student that I’ve permanently erased vital information from years of anki cards :slight_smile:

Don’t stress, if you’re using the desktop app, you should be able to restore a backup. See here: Backups - Anki Manual


This worked! Thank you so much. I didn’t realize Anki automatically backed up. What a relief :slight_smile:

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