Reschedule related NOTES based on reviews

What if there was a day to pair notes together and lapses in one of those would prompt anki to make you review all the notes again.

Note 1: c1::Ball has c2::rounded edge
Note 2: c1::Cube has c2::sharp edge

These are four seperate cards (or 2 seperate notes) but they are about related content. If I get c2 for Note 1 wrong, then Anki should test be c2 or c1 from Note 2 as well either today or tomorrow.

This can serve 2 main purpose. One, it will strengthen that relationship. Two, when reviewing the next day, it removes the bias of “oh I recently got the rounded part wrong so the cloze is rounded” instead you have to think because one of the other linked notes are also due now.

I suppose to not increase the card count so much, anki could just show the other linked note and once reviewed send it back to its original due date. Like Note 2 does not need to be reset.

What are your throughs on this?

Let me know of something alreasy exists like this