Intranote cloze ordinal review order

Would a PR for an option to review due cloze cards of the same note in ascending ordinal order be welcome? I.e. if c1, c5 and c6 of a note are due one day they would be gathered in that order for the “first display” (some logic on last review not being today), after that it would according to current logic?

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Are you suggesting Anki enforce c1 appears sometime before c5, or that the due siblings are shown in order, immediately after one another?

Sorry, that was unclear from my first post: that c1 appears sometime before c5 (non-consecutively). I haven’t really penetrated the card gathering logic so I don’t know if it would be feasible by a simple addition/option for the ORDER BY part of the db-query.

I presume it would just be a case of adding the equivalent of an order by ‘due, ord’ to review_order_sql(), and adding another enum variant.