Feature Request: reschedule linked "similar" cards when one is wrong

First, as a active user of Ankidroid for several years now, I’m greatly indebted to the amazing job of Anki team. Second, I attempted to find a previous request for this feature, but was unsuccessful. So here goes:

Request: When I get a card wrong, and it is rescheduled, have a way to link the card to similar card(s) which are then also rescheduled.

The problem: I study Chinese, and many of the characters look very similar to me. So imagine 2 separate cards: “A1” and “A2”, that all look like “A” to my untrained eyes. What I find frequently happening is that over the course of several months, I may have A1 that’s reasonably active, I’m seeing it every few days, while A2 is not due for several weeks. Eventually, I “learn” A1, and it too becomes rare. But when A2 returns, I mistake it for A1. And so A2 becomes more frequent, and I “learn” A2. But really, in both cases, I’m not learning. Instead my annoying brain knows that if I see something that looks like “A”, I’ll choose whatever answer “A1” or “A2” I believe I’m more likely to be offered by the scheduling algorithm. I really haven’t learned to differentiate A1 from A2 at all.

So the ask: a way to “link” similar cards (defined by user obviously), such that whenever A1 or A2 is answered incorrectly, both A1 and A2 are moved up in the scheduler.

Many thanks for considering my request!