Reorganisation of responses

Hello everyone .i always have problem with the organisation of responses while i do a specific order with numbers or spaced lines …when i use the anki and choose the option show answer .all the words comes in the same line without the organisation i set . I hope you could understand me well with the pictures

It looks like whatever you’re using for line-breaks isn’t reaching the HTML that makes the card. Do you type this text directly into Anki? Or are you copying it from another app/source?

Can you post the HTML for that field here? Click the <> to the the upper-right of the field Adding/Editing - Anki Manual . [You can just paste that here as preformatted text, see the :gear: menu.]

Thanks for your reply
Hope we could find a solution
It happens only with fields : basic tap in the answer

That HTML looks fine, but this is the key, I think –

From the manual –

It also only supports a single line, so it is not useful for comparing against a field that is comprised of multiple lines. Field Replacements - Anki Manual

The cards you showed pics of on the study screen don’t look like type-your-answer cards. :thinking: So you should check if you’re using the feature correctly in your templates (see the same link).

I’d also question whether that sort of card is appropriate for complex answers like these. Type-your-answer is better suited for shorter answers, especially ones where spelling is important, and a character-by-character comparison would be useful.

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Thanks for all your help :heart:

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