Regarding the habit of using "FSRS" to study new cards

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I have always had a doubt when using ‘FSRS’. According to the official documentation, the difficulty of the card is only related to the first review of the day. Therefore, if I learn a new knowledge point, should I only understand, break it down and make it into a new card instead of deliberately memorizing it? I have observed that its first review will greatly affect its card difficulty and subsequent intervals, And the subsequent rating ‘again’ will not reduce the difficulty. So, our entire process of learning a knowledge point should be carried out in Anki, right? When I use the “SM2” algorithm, I don’t encounter this problem because the interval between each one is under my control. My previous study habit was that I had already completed my memory when I made it into a new cards, and then I would rate my cards as “good”. Is it necessary for me to change my previous study habits? Perhaps “fsrs” can adapt to my study habits?

Additionally, I found that optimizing all parameters at once does not exclude ‘suspended cards’. When you have ‘suspended cards’, optimizing all cards at once and optimizing a single preset default search bar will result in inconsistent parameters.

@dae Hello, do you have any plans to fix this issue in the next version?

Thank you for the report, it will be fixed in the next rc.


More precisely, all of the variables only take into account that first review per day for each card. Taking further reviews into account didn’t improve the algorithm.

No. I don’t think that’s true with SM-2 or FSRS. There’s nothing about spaced-repetition that dictates it has to be your only avenue for learning the information. I don’t think you need to change anything about your study habits. However you learn best is best for you. Neither FSRS or Anki want you to change that.


I have a similar problem. My phone got stolen and it was a new phone and I didn’t sync my collections in quite a while. So now I’m learning a lot of cards that I already know. But FSRS doesn’t have enough data points to give me a good easy interval. @Danika_Dakika You said incorporating all learning steps didn’t improve the scheduling. Do you know whether using time taken was ever used in easy intervals in the first step? I always thought it is used because hey, what other factors would be there? but dae clarified that apparently it’s not used.

Even with the default parameters, your initial interval after easy should be around 8d.

As in how long it took you to answer? No, that has never been a part of FSRS. Just like SM-2, it’s only consideriong how you graded your own answer.

I got it, thanks a lot for your response

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