Reduce complexity of browser context menu(s)

As a continuation of Highlight note in browser when all of its cards are suspended - #2 by kleinerpirat, I’d like to discuss the context menu for browser entries.

Status quo

Currently, actions that affect cards are separated from actions affecting notes.

Discussion on the original PR:

  • @Rumo: “In the context menu, actions not related to the current state have been moved to a submenu (see the demo) making it simpler and communicating the target of the action more clearly to the user.”
  • @dae: “I had also thought that a note mode would not make much sense for card-based operations. But I assume the approach you’ve taken here is to apply them to all cards of the selected note? That doesn’t seem like a bad compromise.”
  • @Rumo “…I tried to make that more obvious to the user by moving not state-related actions to a submenu in the context menu. I always thought it was confusing that you’d rightclick a card, select Delete and thereby actually delete the note.”

I agree with the direction Card → Note, but Note → Card is a different story. It’s possible to apply things such as “Change Deck” to selected notes, so I find it confusing and cumbersome that those “card actions” are hidden in a submenu. I tend to forget keyboard shortcuts, so I constantly find myself having to navigate there.


Ditch the note/card separation and move all “Notes” and “Cards” actions to the “Edit” menu, which should be shown on right click. Dependent on the note view toggle, the entries can still change their message if necessary. Afterwards, try to reduce the complexity of the Edit menu.

Another motivating factor was that the context menu was very crowded (and still is to a lesser extent). It’s cumbersome to find anything specific.
If I need to look up a shortcut, I use Alt+C or Alt+N, but there may not be an equivalent on Linux and Mac?

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In my opinion hiding features in sub-menus makes usage even more complex and only produces more clicks. It is very subjective whether you call a feature basic or less used.


I think we need an idea for how to do that before lumping everything together :slight_smile:

Item Comment
Select Notes seems a bit niche to me. Is anyone still using this after the implementation of Note/Card view?
Add Tags, Remove Tags A more general-purpose dialog for tag-editing would be useful anyway. The Tags option within Find & Replace is too hidden and could be moved into such a new dialog too.
Clear Unused Tags I’d move it to the top of the sidebar or automate the feature.
Toggle Mark From what I’ve heard so far, marking isn’t all that useful and might be dropped in the future?
Find Duplicates Also seems niche, perhaps there’s a better place for it (a separate Find menu maybe? Find & Replace would also fit there.).
Manage Note Types The context menu is a weird place for this dialog imo, because it’s not connected to the current selection. When the “Notes” and “Cards” menus are removed, there’ll be room for a more suitable menu that covers general settings like this.
Set Due Date / Forget / Reposition Could be lumped into a submenu - or better: a general purpose rescheduling dialog. Forget would need to remain in the context menu though, as it doesn’t require a dialog.
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I think these are generally good points, but I don’t quite understand the goal. As you’re probably aware, the context menu currently contains the entire Cards and Notes toolbar menus. Do you want to divide them up into more topical menus, and put a subset of these in the context menu? Or do you want to pick single items from the toolbar selectively, instead of whole menus?

Forget has a dialog too now:


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The goal is to merge these two menus with the Edit menu (like demonstrated in the image above - the left side shows every item of these three context menus together) and then show the Edit menu on right-click instead. In my eyes, the Notes and Cards menus are not required and confusing.

Oh right, you said so in your first post. :sweat_smile:
Shouldn’t a context menu only show items that act on the clicked element? That doesn’t seem to be the case for most Edit items. And as for the current context actions, Add Notes deserves an :x: as well in my opinion.


+1 on removing actions that don’t act on the current selection.

Re a submenu for set due date/forget/reposition, @gnomek pointed out above why we may not want to do that.

Select Notes does appear to be less useful after the introduction of notes mode.