Why did shortcuts get more complicated somewhat recently?

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So on Mac select all in the browser used to be cmd+a like in almost every other app there is. Now it is cmd+option+a. Why is that? Same thing with many other shortcuts, many of them seem to be unnecessarily complicated… For me personally its another problem as my keyboard layout makes that these option-shortcuts dont work properly. But I understand that that’s rather a me-problem.

Have you ever considered to make it possible to change shortcuts? I think that would be really great for advanced users.


The menu shortcut has been like that for years. Provided you’re currently focused on the card list area, ctrl or cmd a should work as well.

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Thanks for the answer, but why is that a double shortcut?

When cmd+a works in the browser, what’s the reason to have the cmd+option+a shortcut to do the same thing? In the menu bar under “edit” there’s the cmd+option+a shortcut listed for that function. Why is there the more complicated shortcut listed rather than the easier (and more normal) one?

Also while at the topic of shortcuts: It appears, that all shortcuts have cmd+something, which makes sense. All except one: The shortcut to toggle show cards/notes is option+t. Why isn’t that cmd+option+t?


Probably because Ctrl-a (or whatever the mac equivalent is) is also bound to select all the text if your are focusing a field, for example, whereas Ctrl-Alt-a is not. To put it an other way, Ctrl-a is “select all from currently focused thing”, whereas Ctrl-Alt-a is specifically “select all cards in the card list”. This is because the user expects to use Ctrl-a anywhere, but it’s still handy to have a (less used) shortcut for selecting all the cards no matter where you are.

Given this is how shortcuts are bound, you can’t describe the “Select all cards” as having Ctrl-a as shortcut, because it’s not true (this will only work you are focusing the card list), whereas Ctrl-Alt-a is actually bound to that.

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