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Red flagged based Custom Study

Is there a way to create a custom study based on red flagged cards? I’ve tried searching but I can’t find an answer on google or on the forum. Thank you

Sure, just use "flag:1" as the filter. For the future, you can use the browser sidebar to apply any filters you want and then construct a filtered deck from the resulting search by pressing Ctrl+G.


Thanks so much but I can’t seem to construct a filtered deck from the search. I’m on a mac and my control + G isn’t working. Any other solution?

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Maybe it’s conflicting with other program or something.
You can instead use the Edit > Create Filtered Deck menu item in the browser.


On a Mac, it’d be Cmd+G


Also note that this feature was only recently added to Anki, so it won’t work if you’re on an older version.


Thank you so much! I just needed to upgrade it to the newest version!