Filtered Deck with Flagged card

Hey, i want to create a filtered deck with Flaged cards
the filter flag:1, flag:2 didn’t work
can anyone help me?

example : deck:“BWL 2” flag:1
error code: The provided search did not match any cards. Would you like to revise it?

Your search expression is correct, so apparently, this deck doesn’t contain any notes with flag 1.
How did you flag your cards? Maybe you marked them instead. In that case, you can find them with tag:marked. Also, it’s usually easier to assert that your search expression is correct in the browser first. Flagged or marked cards have a coloured background there.

This is correct or not?

All right, so the problem is probably the following:

Filtered decks can not pull in cards that are suspended, buried, or already in a different filtered deck. And unless you are using the experimental scheduler, they can not pull in cards that are in (re)learning. For this reason, a search in the browser may reveal cards that don’t end up in the filtered deck.

Since your screenshots show that the cards are due today, they are probably in the learning queue and can’t be pulled into a filtered deck (at least not by the old scheduler).