Red cards in anki are disappearing

Last night while I was reviewing from my phone in Anki, I realized that every time I review a blue flashcard and press the button ‘hard 9 mins’, that flashcard still needs to be added to my red pile of cards. Instead, it was disappearing. I thought it was a problem with my phone app, so I refreshed it multiple times and restarted my phone, and the same thing was happening, by the end of the night, my card total was 150 + 8 + 0. However, when I turned on anki using my laptop this morning, red cards doubled to 150 + 30 + 55. Usually, when I study in the morning, anki allows me to review all the red cards first before moving to the blue and green cards, but this time, it’s skipping the red cards and only keeps going back and forth to the blue and green cards. It also allows me to see some cards in the red pile somewhat, but it’s not allowing me to review the whole pile, it continues to skip it.

One possibility is you have changed the ‘learn ahead limit’ in the preferences from the default of 20 minutes. If you reduced it, that can cause red cards to disappear until they are ready to study again.

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