Recover old deck from Anki 2.0.x

Several years ago (2017/2018) I created a deck consisting of several cards with both text and media (images). To mention that, it took me really long to create them. After a long break I now want to start again learning these cards.

I did log into my account on the web, but after such a long time the deck is no longer available (of course).

The way I created and used the deck was as follows. I had Anki on my Linux Laptop and created the cards there. Then I did sync it, then synched on my Android smartphone and learned the cards. Before adding new cards I did sync back to the laptop and updated the deck.

I was very reliefed to see, that the deck is still on my laptop. But as it happens, that is a very old version of Anki, it is Anki 2.0.32.So I can’t sync with the web.

Can you suggest me, what is the best way to get this deck back into my profile. I have the running (but not syncing) deck and of course I do have the backup.apkg. I guess I could also do an export.

I do not care about how much I learned, but I do care about the cards with the media, actually the cards use a card type I created for my case.

Thank you very much for your help!


Sorry if this is too obvious, but did you try to update your Anki version?

You have a manual backup, so you’re safe.