Really? in 2023 I still have to capture a MCQ and mask it with image occlusion?

i got 10000+ MCQs in pdf,
cant it be done with AI or programming?

ps: it got some photos so i tried, gpt4 didn’t do well.


ps i am a MS.

Anki does not natively support MCQs, because they are thought to be sub-optimal for retention and rating your answer. More is described in this FAQ entry. So you can either:

  • Follow the advice of the FAQ entry and transform your MCQ questions into standalone questions.
  • Use a custom script, like the one distributed with the Multiple Choice for Anki Addon and accept the potential drawbacks of MCQs.

So no, you don’t have to use image occlusion.

As for parsing the PDF file content to Anki decks, you could either develop a parser yourself, or try to use AI. There are a couple of scripts available for the second option (like this or this), although i have not tested them myself.


hey, i found that exporting the MCQ PDF into word.doc, then the gpt4 will have a better extraction (before this it cant extract info from PDF even it is embedded inside). i could now do for a single Q.

I now need to see what format anki import best.

previously i see excel or csv both ok.

let’s see, thanks

Hildeguard has already mentioned that MC is less effective. The best way to create cards from a MC source is a normal open-ended QA card, as described in the Anki FAQ.

There are several add-ons if you search for “multiple choice”. This one seems to be the most promising at the moment: Multiple Choice Support - AnkiWeb. I’m afraid it doesn’t work on mobile, though.

Another possibility is Closet for Anki, a multipurpose extension, which should also be able to create MC cards. And above all, it seems that the cards work in the AnkiDroid app in versions 2.15+ and later. It can be difficult to learn how to use it, but someone has even already shared a template for MC cards with Closet, so you don’t need to learn how to make it: [Forum] Multiple Choice using Closet - AnkiWeb

as a med student, i have already passed the MCQ part.

just i found reading MCQ and doing it is still beneficial to the clinical part.

and as a poor student who cant afford a samsung note ultra 22 with a stylus S pen,
PDF is not a good way to read the MCQ.

i found anki would be good however, so i wanna try out.

so pls dont discuss the “MC is less effective xxxx” with me pls,
i thank anyone who do remind for that, however.

btw, that Multiple Choice Support - AnkiWeb need human enter,
as MCQ is not my main battlefield now, i wont do that.

that’s why i want an auto method.

thank you.

ps: i’ll dig into this, thx: normal open-ended QA card, as described in the Anki FAQ.

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