Randomizing only order of cards that are not new?


Do I have to always randomize my cards even when I’m learning a topic that should be displayed in a specific order (at least the first review)? As far as I know, SRS works more effective when you can’t guess the order at all.

Take a look at the following table to understand what I mean:

Order Question Answer
1 How does Python store data in memory? Python stores any data in memory as objects.
2 What is an object? An object is a chunk of data that contains at least the following:
  • an id
  • a type
  • a value
  • a reference count
3 What is an id of an object? An id is a unique identifier of an object that used to distinguish it from other objects in memory.

P.S. To set an order, I use a digit like 1. before the questions and hide it in my template.

I decided to gather new cards by a specific order and reviews randomly.

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