New Card … 'Insertion', 'gather', 'sort' order — why so complicated … ;)

All I want is learn some random new cards out of a stack of 100s … yet, the same card keeps coming up first …


Thanks for the answer :wink:

No matter what I change, the first new card keeps being the same — even if I don’t rate it … So I trust that all following new cards will be random :smiley:

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New cards are in random order by default.
But when you answer a card, it is not a new card anymore. It is in a learning stage and keeps showing until you learn it. This can be adjusted by learning steps.

You can check the order of your new cards in Card browser. Look at “due” column. New cards has a number there. You will see whether the numbers are random or one by one.

One of the three options exists for compatibility with older Anki versions. The other two exist so you can do things like gather the oldest 20 new cards, then shown them in a random order.

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