Random review of target language and native language

I have a deck of Hebrew vocab words. My deck is over five years old, but recently, my reviews stopped reviewing both E->H and H->E only showing Hebrew words and checking my English answers. I may have used some addon that disabled bidirectional quizzing. How can I get it back so that I am randomly quizzed for both Hebrew answers to English words and English answers to Hebrew words? I use Monterey MacOS desktop and iPad (and Linux desktop).

What is now the type of cards if your deck (basic and reversed) ? Or only basic ?

I used to know where to look for the card type or to change it, but where is that setting? Also, is it possible to change the type of deck to the reverse type and not lose data? Please give simple instructions. (The search results I have found tell me how to setup a new deck.)

You can look at the deck in the Browse screen to see if you have forward and reverse cards, and sort by the Due column (right click on the headers to enable it) to see the order new/learning cards will appear. Reviews will be partly shuffled, but in rough due order if your daily limit is exceeded.