Questions occured using Scheduler 2.0

I’ve upgraded Anki to new Scheduler 2.0. However, I’ve come across something and don’t know if it is OK or wheather I’ll have to work on it.

So, here’re my problems. When I play an audio track in ‘Browse’ and close ‘Preview’ window, the button ‘Preview’ gets stuck. If I go to another card, the audio stops playing (sometimes it doesn’t happen). Is that OK?

Also, I’d like to ask about sections as ‘Card state’. When I tap it, nothing happens. I have to go to sub-divisions, that’s the only way the function works. It happens not only with this section, but a number, like ‘Today’ and ‘Note Types’. Is it as it should be?

Can you reproduce the preview issue in the latest build?

Some sections like Card State in the sidebar don’t really make sense to be clickable, as the meaning would just be “all cards”.