Misnamed button in Card Previewer?

The “Show Both Sides” checkbox doesn’t actually do that, instead having it active causes the back side to be shown, while inactive shows the front. A button with “Switch Side” would probably be clearer.

(Also, I think buttons generated from [sound:…]s that are placed “statically” in the template are broken/do not fire when clicked.)

[2.1.34 (caa70312)]

Make sure you have {{FrontSide}} in your back template.
@dae, maybe this should work regardless of FrontSide?

The play buttons work for me. Do you have the issue only when clicking the buttons? Try pressing R to replay audio.

Oh, it’s dependent on that meta-field being present? That’s… not obvious. I can’t add it anyway, none of my deck layouts work that way.

For the audio buttons, yeah I probably just placed it (for a test) where some CSS rule prevented the click from reaching. Tried again at a different location and it works.

Happy to accept a PR which changes the wording. Perhaps “Answer Side Only”?

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