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Question and answer showed at the same time


Im having some issues with Anki questions and answer system, Im new here and just yesterday purchased Anki. So Im learning 2 languages, vocabulary, first show a word on my native language and then when enter is pressed, a blank space should pop up in where I need to type the word on other language, it’s pretty simple. Im 100% sure that, yesterday, everything worked great when I made cards for Italian and German language, but after that I wanted to create a deck with English words that are much complicated, and I added in total of 500+ words.

Today I started the Anki app and for some reasons, I got shown both, word on native language and Italian/German language at the same time, and when I click “Show Answer” nothing happens, because the answer was already at the question… I don’t know what I did, because everything was fine with Italian and German deck, but when I added English deck, I didn’t test because it was late afternoon, seems like everything messed up.

I sure would like some help as I don’t intend to write new cards for each word again…

Tghank you


could you please provide some more details, so that forum members could better help you? Here is what would be a good start:

  1. HelpAboutCopy Debug Info, so that we know which Anki you’re using
  2. Screenshot of the “Decks” menu, so that we know if you have two decks or one

Here are my examples:

Debug Info
Anki 2.1.49 (acf7df0d) Python 3.10.1 Qt 5.15.2 PyQt 5.15.6
Platform: Linux
Flags: frz=False ao=True sv=1
Add-ons, last update check: 2022-01-09 13:07:14

===Add-ons (active)===
(add-on provided name [Add-on folder, installed at, version, is config changed])
Edit LaTeX build process ['937148547', 2018-10-12T23:33, 'None', mod]
LaTeX Note Importer ['1199027445', 2021-10-21T17:30, 'None', '']

===IDs of active AnkiWeb add-ons===
1199027445 937148547

===Add-ons (inactive)===
(add-on provided name [Add-on folder, installed at, version, is config changed])
Decks menu screenshot

If you need help taking a screenshot, I suggest

Anki desktop is free and open source. Are you taking about the ripoff AnkiApp?

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The OP appears to be using AnkiMobile. @Nucleo, your collection looks ok to me - did you already resolve the issue? If not, could you attach a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

I successfully separated Question from Answer by manipulating codes inside, and I realised that when I make a change to one card in one deck, Anki make that particular change to every card in every deck, how can I separate that?

For example, in Italian deck I don’t want option “type in answer”, but in German one I do.

You can select some of your cards, then use the Notes>Change Note Type menu item to give them a different notetype, and then each notetype can be edited independently.