Put image / sound in bulk

There are 1,200 most used words in English.

I put them all in the anki, along with the association phrase to memorize it like this.

I would like to put audio (google translator) / images, is there a way to put the images and audio in bulk?

can you help me?

Attached is how I did it in Excel.

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addon aweosometts already support this batch adding

free for… not good voices.

for me a med student,

i need all 3 paid voices:
ms azure, google cloud, watson.

mostly 1 of them sound ok,
sometimes 2.

You can use the AwesomeTTS add-on (HyperTTS - Add speech to your flashcards - AnkiWeb) to batch add text to speech using Google Cloud. You can register a free Google Cloud account and use the API key with the add-on.

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how come you’re using tts for reading facts? im interested

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