Proposal - Daily New Card less than 1 - 0.5, 0.3, 0.1, etc

Currently the NewCard count can be zero, or a positive whole number.

Allow numbers greater than zero but less than 1. For example, .5, .3, .1. Alternatively, instead of allowing a user to enter any arbitrary decimal, have a small enum set for the more realistic options [every 2nd day, every 3rd, every 7th …]

Minor additional code complexity.

A new card count of 1 will result in approximately 5 to 10 reviews per day. Most people use Anki for relatively atomic, and fast to answer, cards. However, I’ve seen several examples where people use Anki for larger, more time consuming tasks which also benefit from spaced repetition. Here are some examples that I’ve seen

  1. Music practice.
  2. Mathematical Proofs.
  3. Leetcode / coding (interview) practice.

The number of people using this feature would be relatively small. But the cost of implementation and maintenance also seems small. (or at least it seems so to me)

Best Wishes,