Allow fractional amounts of New Cards/day

I have a deck with inherently difficult learning materials and i want to limit the amount of new cards in this deck to one per week.
Currently I cannot do it, but if it was allowed to specify "0.14" in "New cards/day" in the Deck’s options, then it would mean 1 new card per week.


Suppose you have 10 such cards, you can set those cards due time 0-70, 70 is 7*10, so those 10 cards will be reviewed randomly in future 10 weeks.


Or you can set due date manually for each card.

Setting review date is not quite the same as setting the amount of new cards per day. The new cards stay new until I learn them and i can configure the new cards to appear after the review cards in a learning session. On the other hand, the review cards will appear in the review queue on their due day and mix with other review cards.
Also setting a review date far in the future without ever learning the card could mess the learning process. Suppose I set review date to 5 weeks ahead. Then, in five weeks i learned it and marked myself as “good”. That might set the next review several months futher in the future. But if that card was new and just learned it would set the next review date for tomorrow. Not quite the same.
Also I may have 10 such cards now, but I can add more in the future, so if I set due date manually for them I would need to remember the last due date I set and calculate the next due date each time I add a new card to this deck.


Maybe we can add a setting:

Sunday: _ cards
Monday: _ cards

Saturday: _ cards

So that we can fine tune cards number by every day per week.
In your case, we can set one day to 1, and others to 0.

BTW, I don’t think fractional new cards/day is a good idea, it’s still possible that you encounter several new cards in a row(though probability is low).

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This is good idea, it is clearer for the users, than fractional card amount.

Another alternative would be the following setting:

One card per each __ days.

It will allow even setting 1 new card per month.

And set a start date? Anki won’t know when to start.

It would. It would count N days from the day the last new card was introduced to learning in this deck.

Yes please!! This would be an awesome setting to be implemented