Proper Template after Image Import?

I’m trying to import images into a deck but don’t know the correct template syntax to view the images. Can someone help? Thanks

The image field in the csv I used for import looks like this:

Here is what I see for both my template and in browse. Notice the broken image icon in the ‘Figura’ field:

you don’t need the absolute url: <img src='p(1).jpg'>

Thank you for response, but I’m just a beginner and when I did what (I think) you suggested, it didn’t work. That is, I reimported without the

<img src=’



Is that what you meant? If I could see a working example it would be great, but I can’t find any.

Can you specify what I do need? How would it look? Also, is my template correct? Thanks again.

No. Make sure to check the box labeled “Allow HTML in fields” when importing.

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I did check that box. I re-imported just to make sure. See the screenshots below.
Also, notice that Anki DOES know where the image is since when I right-click and chose ‘Open image’ it finds the correct image. That’s why I thought my problem was the template syntax. See my template syntax in my earlier post. Is {{Figura}} correct for the template syntax for an image like this?

Screen shots for import:

Screenshot for browser after import. Note that it finds the correct image when right-clicking on the broken image icon:

Select the Figuara field and press Ctrl+Shift+X and share the HTML code shown in that window.

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You should not use the full path, you should just use the filename, and ensure the file is in the media folder.

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 12.21.38 PM

I’m on a Mac so I used cmd instead of ctrl. Here is the path I get when I drag that file into Terminal:

/Users/tony/Library/Application\ Support/Anki2/Tony/

As you can see you have the absolute url there. Delete these cards and import again with the url I described in the first post. If you want I can record a video about this process

SOLVED. Thanks for all the help.

The following diagram shows the steps I went through, starting from Excel, then using LibreOffice to produce the UTF-8 .csv, then the import into Anki, along with the card Template front and back.

Hopefully this will help someone else avoid the problems I had. As I’ve posted elsewhere in the forum, I think Anki is great. But I think what limits its use is the lack of examples showing steps to get it working. But after trying to make such an example, I admit, it’s a lot of work to do so. On the other hand, I’m no expert.

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For completeness, here is a video showing the above deck in action:

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