Edit image importing tags inside Anki?


I imported 20 tsv files which include image importing tags like below.
<img src="thumb_108G-48.jpg ">
Even though I placed the .jpg files in correct folder, I found the corrupted image icon on Anki desktop and the images were not loaded correctly.
I found the tags had to be like this.
<img src="thumb_108G-48.jpg">

I thought I could edit the 20 files on Google sheets and export them as tsv and import them to Anki again. However, when I did so with Update existing notes when first field matches enabled, the images were still not loaded correctly.


  • By chance, can I edit tsv files inside Anki desktop and replace .jpg " with .jpg"?
  • If not, what can I do? Delete all 20 decks and import them again?

Thank you in advance!

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Probably the easiest fix is using the find&replace option in the browse screen.

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Thank you for your reply, Dae.
I did not know the find & replace option and tried, but did not work.

Probably because the image is already (wrongly) imported and the tag <img src="thumb_108G-48.jpg "> has already been replaced with the corrupted image file.

I found that <img src="thumb_108G-48.jpg "> (with space after .jpg) was not a cause of the corrupted or missing images in this case.


Under collection.media folder, the image files were inside a subfolder named Photos. From Photos, I moved the images directly under collection.media.
After restarting Anki desktop, all the images were loaded correctly even with the wrong tag.

So, I am closing this case. Hopefully, this helps someone in the future!