Anki import: static assets not replaced

during my testings of Anki imports - where I reported this already - I also noticed that the static assets (= file name with a leading _ ) will not be replaced. Has this always been the case or is it a new behaviour?

Since static assets have to be knowingly assigned and incorporated into the folder, I’d guess there should not be a case of identical filenames but different content. Also, static assets are often used in card templates which results in insufficient note styling updates with the current import behaviour.

Would it be possible (and feasible) to replace static assets upon import? Or at least make at an optional setting when importing?

Thanks for your consideration and as always: really appreciate your work!

IIRC, it’s always been like that. Deck authors are not always careful to pick unique names (eg _bg.jpg), so overwriting existing files could lead to surprising behavior. What I’d recommend you do is change the filename, if you need to update the contents of a static file you’ve previously shared.

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