Problems Importing Audio

Hello there!

I’m fairly new to Anki, and I’ve decided to use the “Genki 1 3rd edition with sound file” deck while studying with the Genki book.

However, I’ve been having trouble with getting all the audio files for the deck. I know it’s not a big deal but I really want to get the proper pronounciation in my head as early as possible. Whenever I press the “Check Media” button in the Tools dropdown menu in Anki, it’s says that its missing over 300 audio files.

I’ve tried reimporting the deck multiple times across multiple profiles and nothing seems to work. I’ve tried reinstalling Anki and deleting all user data which didn’t work either.

I’ve been searching for someone with a similar problem, but it seems I stand alone with this. Hopefully someone here can help me fix this problem! :smile:

Thank you in advance.