Problem with one stack


Can you perhaps help me with this problem? Somehow Anki doesn’t sync on my Android tablet. I also use it on my laptop and my PC at the same time and it works wonderfully. I’m also logged in on my tablet with the same login details, but it just doesn’t work… Every time I get an error message for a batch. It only affects a single stack, the rest works. But the stack works wonderfully on the laptop and on the PC. What could be the reason? It can’t be the synchronization alone, otherwise it works on the laptop and PC. Can you help me? Kind regards, Efren

I do not understand. So it works on Anki and not AnkiDroid if I’m right. How do you know then that it is not a synchronisation issue? Have you checked whether media sync is turned on or whether the media is shown in your file manager?

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