Problem with import file to an other deck

Hello, I have a problem, I have 3 decks: 1 2 3. When I want to import a txt file to deck nr 2, I have an info, that I chose the second deck, but still these words from this file are added to the first deck.
What can I do?
Best regards.

Please follow the steps on When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

After checking options from this link, still nothing, all the time when I choose the second or third deck, notes go to the first one.

I can’t reproduce this with your AnkiWeb collection. I open the import screen, and your middle deck is selected. I import some text, and the cards go to that deck. What does the message say to you after you import text?

Hmm, now is ok, I imported filesto the second deck and it lokks that somehow it is fixed. Later I will test it more, for example I will import file to the deck nr 1 or 3, if osmething is still wrong I will write here, but thank you for the help.

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