Problem with exporting/importing between mac and windows

Hi, me and my friend are having som problems exporting and importing decks. I use windows, and he uses mac. This problem started to happen with one of the newest versions of anki. We did not have this problem prior to version 23.10 I think. When we tried to export to eachother the error “Unable to read file. It probably requires a newer version of Anki to import.” startet to appear. We both have the newest version of anki ⁨23.12.1. I do not have this problem with people using mac and have earlier versions of anki. We have both also tried changing between the Qt5 and Qt6 versions.

I hope you can help me with this\

Skjermbilde 2024-01-04 094500

The problem has been fixed. It seems like it was an issue between my add-on special fields and one of his add-ons.