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I’m currently making a deck for med school and I’ve run into a problem. There is a card type specifically for adding illnesses. It has around 20 different fields each with a specific field name (Symptoms, Diagnostics, etc.), which is super helpful.
When adding a card, it is possible to edit the field names which is sometimes necessary. Unfortunately when I tried to learn the cards, the original field names come up, so the question doesn’t match the answers.

When I check the card under edit it shows the cards with the field names I changed. I’ve added an example (sorry that it is in German)

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

It sounds like you changed the names of the fields – which automatically updated your card templates to grab information from the new field names – but the field names themselves are still written on your cards.

To change that, you just need to edit the “text” parts of your card template. They wouldn’t have been updated when you changed the fields because they aren’t important to Anki – it just presents the text there as-is.

For example, these are all equivalent and valid things you could have on a card template. Anki only worries about the part inside the curly-braces (which needs to exactly match the name of a field).
Audio1: {{Audio1}}
Sound of this word: {{Audio1}}
Purplealskdjfa;lsjfkj: {{Audio1}}

Are you comfortable finding those plain text parts on the front and back templates of your card types? Card Templates - Anki Manual


Thank you so much for your help, I edited the “text” part and now it works perfectly.

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