Problem updating my cards (Latest version - 2.1.32)

Good afternoon. I need your help. I have a problem with updating my cards. My account is not synchronizing anki computer with anki smartphone. I installed the latest version (2.1.32) but the error continues. When I try to update, the following message appears: “Use the Check Database and synchronize function again. If the problem persists, force full synchronization on the preference screen.” I follow the steps but the problem lingers. Thank you.


  • use check database
  • force a full sync in the preferences screen
  • sync and choose “upload”
  • on your other device(s), sync and choose download

Thanks for your answer.
I did all these procedures both on the Smartphone and on the desktop and it does not solve the synchronization problem. I just installed version 2.1.33 and the same problem continues.

I see no records of you doing a full upload or download in the last week using the account you’re posting from.